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With more than 29 Years of Experience, Al Mazrooei Security Systems LLC is recognized as the Market Leader in the Field of Security, Communication, and Entertainment. We Deliver top-ranked Solutions that Mitigate the Risks you Face as a Consumer, Business Owner, or Employee by Providing Products that work Seamlessly with Complementary Technologies and Applications.

Since its inception in 1994, Al Mazrooei Security Systems LLC has pioneered innovative security solutions and services, adapting product strategies to stay ahead of the dynamic threat landscape and serve customers as they evolve their IT infrastructures.

We continually advance our technologies to offer complete solutions from installation and monitoring through to physical intervention on site. No matter how simple or complex your security requirement, we provide innovative, effective solutions.

In the business world, you need to ensure your properties are protected in real time regardless of device, location, or application. You need to know your protection is easy and cost-efficient to manage, and you need it to grow and change as your business does. In short, you need smart, simple, security that fits.

Al Mazrooei helps keep families safe, privacy protected, and valuable data secured with our consumer products and services. We deliver solutions that are simple to manage and deploy, with centralized visibility and control. Our solutions are priced and packaged to meet your requirements.

We are committed to technology. Al Mazrooei products combine cutting edge technologies with the highest levels of quality to deliver outstanding performance and reliability.

Al Mazrooei employs a highly experienced team which has actively been involved in the design and implementation of cutting edge CCTV, Access Control Structured Cabling Motion Sensor Smatv Systems network cable and other low current integration for the past 29 years. Al Mazrooei is directly involved in all projects from the design phase to installation in small to large-scale projects throughout UAE. We also represent and carry direct dealership for a variety of the major manufacturers to cater your specific needs.

We keep a firm hand on innovation and new technologies, testing new products constantly and bringing them to market when we are satisfied with quality, performance and market need. We believe that being a front runner is important to us, our dealers and to their end users.

I hope you'll learn more about our company's capabilities as you browse our site, including what makes us an excellent ELV and AV systems provider. Our company has always been a beacon of innovation, creativity, and technological advancement among its peers. And I am proud to say that we intend to continue to place the company at the forefront of industry leadership.

We at Al-Mazrooei Security Systems LLC Professional Center are well established to meet these challenges and serve as your intimate and proven security solutions provider company during a security incident. Our mission is to serve the needs of the government, the private sector, and individual clients.

We continuously focus on:

Quality: High-quality standards have delighted our customers. Our perseverance is a crucial secret for our customer growth and retention.

Service – at Al-Mazrooei, service is not just a concept. It's how we enhance and maintain customer reliability.

Innovation – is our passion that is the driving force behind our long-term growth.

Edge performance – we promise to gear up as individuals and as a corporation to do our best.

By combining innovative spirit, professional excellence, and in-depth knowledge of the demand considerations for ELV and AV systems, we have been able to supervise and execute many projects on a global scale. Our impressive skyline and splendid achievements have earned us a reputation for excellence. Our company has expanded nationally and internationally within the UAE, Europe, and Asia over the past few decades. ELV & AV Solutions are part of our diversified portfolio of investments.

We look forward to finding out how we can work together to make services a reality, whether you are a potential customer, a business partner, or a future employee.

That is Al-Mazrooei — a company with a delighted past and an ambitious future!